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7478Re: CCD Recommendations?

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  • James Van Artsdalen
    May 1, 2002
      The SBIG ST-7XE costs $2,695 at Anacortes. The Color Filter Wheel
      runs $1,000. The MaximDL/CCD software (which I recommend) runs $339.
      The package is outside your range but the filter wheel can be added
      later - there's plenty to learn and do without it at first anyway.

      A 10" at f/6.3 using an ST-7XE is going to have a field-of-view of 15'
      by 10' and each pixel is just over one arc-second on a side.
      If you have Ron's book you can download his CCD calculator, which
      gives you a way to tell how much of the object you can get at once
      for many common nebulae.

      The ST-7XE is the USB version of the camera with high-speed downloads.
      The download speed may not be an issue on an ST-7 compared to
      other cameras, but I predict that within a year parallel port
      cameras are going to take a big hit in resale value and that USB
      is the way to go for that reason if no other.

      The ST-7XE has a built-in auto-guider and cooler. it looks to me like
      a reasonable choice in theory for this OTA with the focal reducer.
      I'd search the Meade mailing list for people using this equipment
      combination and see if they know of any gotchas or surprises.

      From: starmark57@a...
      Date: Wed May 1, 2002 12:03 pm
      Subject: Re: [ccd-newastro] Re: CCD Recommendations?

      2500-3000, yes to color images,
      2500mm focal length. I have a 6.3 reducer.
      I'd love to picture nebulae and galaxies. Is there a camera thats
      versatile enough for planets too?-Thanks, Mark
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