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7468Re: CCD Recommendations?

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  • James Van Artsdalen
    May 1, 2002
      How much are you willing to spend?
      Do you want color images?
      Are you primarily interested in nebulae or planets?

      Most importantly, what is the focal length of the optics? This is
      important to match the pixel size to the optics.

      Don't forget to allow for the cost of software as well. MaximDL/CCD
      is excellent and recommended but not free.

      Self-guiding cameras are a big win for first-time imagers with
      portable setups.

      Note that the industry is in the midst of a transition from cameras
      using the PC parallel port for downloads to using the USB port.
      I'd think twice about getting a parallel port camera unless budget
      is a big deal and you can get a big discount on a parallel port camera.

      Two recommendations. It's tempting to not bother with "flat frames":
      Don't Skip Flats. And, do allow for more time spent on image
      processing than acquisition.

      Date: Wed, 01 May 2002 03:33:21 -0000
      From: "starmark57" <starmark57@...>
      Subject: CCD Recommendations?

      I just purchased a 10" LX200GPS. Any insights or recommendations as
      to which CCD camera to use with it? Thanks, Mark
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