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74374RE: [ccd-newastro] Rise of the Summer Milky Way over Spruce Knob, WV

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  • Mark de Regt
    Jul 23, 2014
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      Subject: [ccd-newastro] Rise of the Summer Milky Way over Spruce Knob, WV


      Hi everyone,


      I would like to share a recent shot from my late June trip down to Spruce Knob, WV. I brought along with me a new lens (Nikon 14-14mm F/2.8) to test out for landscape work, and had to give it the "night-sky test" =) 

      The skies were spotty again on this trip, but we did get a few clearings that allowed for the capture of a few frames! The color correction of this lens for daytime work is just remarkable, blue skies just "pop" even without a polarizer. Although, on the way home I stopped at Blackwater Fals State Park for some landscape shots, and got a little over-zealous by going across moss covered rocks and had a couple spills haha!  As for nighttime work, F/2.8 really comes in handy, and coma at the corners is still manageable, distortion is relatively unnoticeable as well. With the aid of Photoshop's lens profiler, I am able to skip flat frames, which is an added bonus about widefield imaging with lenses. 


      In this image you will see numerous streaking lightning bugs in the foreground. In the background I was surprised to bring out the North American nebula in Cygnus as my D800 is stock. Also, I am always amazed at atmospheric air glow, seen in the bottom left as green, and magenta in the middle. The red light is the station atop Spruce Knob. The large orange glow in the middle is light from a small neighboring town down off the mountain being reflected off passing clouds.


      Please let me know what you feel about this image and any ways to improve!










      Wide Field | Rise of the Summer Milky Way

      Object: Milky Way Optics: Nikkor 14-28 mm F/2.8 at 14mm Mount: Tripod Camera: Nikon D800 F/stop: F/2.8 Exposure: 7 x 30 second frames for a panorama ISO: ...

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      Matthew Dieterich


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