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74369Re: M94 image

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  • waddington50
    Jul 22, 2014
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      Thanks, Bob.  For this image, the PI tools I used were these:
      1. DBE
      2. Deconvolution
      3. Multi-scale linear transform on luminance
      4. HDR multi-scale transform
      5. Local Histogram equalization
      6. TGV Denoise

      For most of these, I fiddled around in PI to get close to what I wanted, then brought the image back into a PS layer where I could apply masking and opacity adjustments or other fine-tuning tools.  I find the lack of local masking and spatial selection in PI to be a shortcoming.  But if I use PS as my "base camp" for processing, I seem to have better luck controlling the results from PI.  It's probably because I'm still new to PI, but this approach has kept me from getting completely frustrated with it.

      The outer arms were definitely an area of compromise.  By your standards, this was a short total integration time, just 11 hours.  So there's noise in those faint regions that need dealing with. :-)

      Thanks for the comments.
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