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74066Re: [ccd-newastro] Light Pollution filter as luminance?

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  • stan_ccd
    Apr 22, 2014

      " M33 I'm working on.  About 4 hours of LUM with ST10 and HyperStar.  Imaged in my backyard"

      You don't say which SCT (C-11?) but I am struck by how much that image resembles this 40 minute image taken with a 4" refractor using ZWO ASI120mm (5 sec subs) with IR-block filter:


      My site is semi-rural (19.5 mag / arcsec^2) but that is countered somewhat by the 5 sec subs that add significant read-noise (equivalent to imaging in a brighter sky).  It is surprising that these images are so comparable. I would have expected the much longer ST-10 on large aperture to be strikingly superior, even with extra light pollution.


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