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74065Re: qsi 583 filters at f2.2

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  • stan_ccd
    Apr 22, 2014
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      I would hold off on that new scope to see how it is received.  For most cameras, it may not be any better than Fastar/Hyperstar, which is reportedly about as well resolved as is usable by most cameras. And Hyperstar allows operation at other FL, which provides significant flexibility that is lacking in the new scope.  The new scope does have en enormous corrected image plane (70mm), much wider than Hyperstar, but there are virtually no digital cameras large enough to take advantage (and any digital camera near that size is very expensive).  This may essentially be a film camera lens except that it is probably difficult to obtain a suitable camera body (esp one with a small profile) and nobody wants to hassle with film anymore.

      The extremely short FL of an 11" f/2 is really quite limiting, as there are not many objects large enough to feature at that small image scale.  It is suitable for some scenic star-scapes and large scale H-a structures, but most of those fields have been exhaustively exploited (even in the Southern hemisphere).  That small image scale is nearly useless for the great majority of galaxies, planetaries, and so on.  I quickly grow bored with that image scale.


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