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74056Light Pollution filter as luminance?

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  • Mark Striebeck
    Apr 20 5:44 PM

      Now, where galaxy season is upon us, I have to put my narrowband filters aside for a little and try to improve my RGB imaging skills. I am imaging from near downtown San Jose, CA. Light pollution is pretty bad!

      My main struggle is with luminance - using a luminance filter is useless under these conditions.

      I tried to do RGB imaging only (all binned 1x1). With that, I get relatively good object data, but it's hard to get out details and to reduce background noise.

      I am trying right now to create a synthetic luminance image and use that - but so far with mixed results.

      I also took some Ha subs to be used as a luminace layer (and to boost the red signal) but their SNR is still pretty bad (low background noise, but also low signal).

      I wonder if it would be possible to use a light pollution filter to take a luminance image?

      Or any other methods that people use?

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