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73517RE: [ccd-newastro] Helix Nebula

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  • Bernard Miller
    Oct 29, 2013



      Beautiful image. Hard to believe this is only 7 hours of data. I would try to boost the star color if you can. I think it would enhance the image a bit. The color and detail in the nebula are fantastic.





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      Now that it's Fall, this seemed like too good a target to pass up, even though there are lots of excellent versions posted on the net.   This was shot on a piecemeal basis from 8/3 to 10/6/2013 as I dodged around poor observing conditions in Southern California.  It was shot with a 12.5" PlaneWave CDK and a QSI-640ws camera working at f/5.3.  I used 10 minute subs with LRGB integration times of 230:80:60:60 min for a total time of 7.2 hours.  Processing was done in CCDStack and Photoshop.  If you click on the link a couple of times, you'll get a full-resolution rendition:

      Comments and suggestions for improvement are always welcome.


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