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71958Re: What ccd camera to buy?

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  • Stan
    Nov 5 8:08 AM
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      --- Mark Striebeck <mark.striebeck@...> wrote:
      > So far, I took images with my Nikon D7000.
      > Now, I want to switch to a CCD camera...
      > I want to do hyperstar imaging with my Celestron 8" EDGE scope.

      If Hyperstaring is your main intent then DSLR or ICL (e.g. Sony Nex) are basically as good as and is some ways potentially better than astro CCD cameras, esp if you also want "one shot color". The super-fast lens compensates for most DSLR failings by flooding the pixels with light.

      Nikon cameras have had a poor reputation for astro due to excessive DSP (the "raw" file is overly massaged), though maybe the newer models are better.

      Canon DSLR has become the de-facto standard for astro and they market an overpriced version aimed at the astro market. But Canon has been sitting on their hands for too long and has been vastly surpassed by Sony and a few other innovators. I recently sold all of my Canon APS gear because my Nex-5 is a clearly superior camera in many ways, at least for terrestrial and "nightscape" uses. Of course, all DSLR/ICL cameras (excpt the Canon astro model) have poor QE for H-alpha unless they are modified (I rather prefer the more natural look from unmodified cameras).

      If you want to use the scope at prime (f/10) or modestly reduced prime (f/7) then an astro CCD will produce superior results, esp if it is NOT "one shot color". If you are ready to "get serious" about astro imaging then get a real CCD.

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