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71957Re: What ccd camera to buy?

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  • Randy
    Nov 5, 2012
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      Hi Mark,

      I do not have enough experience to recommend a camera for you. The only advice that I can give is if you buy one that is a recent release make sure to verify which software programs are available to use it. Also make sure that decent documentation exists for the camera. I made the mistake of buying one of the first Starlite Xpress's M26C's. The software that came with it was still in development and still needed a lot of work. I had to give up my camera for almost two months because I sent it to Craig Stark (Nebulosity) so that he could develop his software for it. There were no other software packages (including MaxmDL) that supported it.

      That said, Starlite Xpress was very responsive to helping me. Their customer support is very good. The guy that did develop their software was also very responsive and nice to work with. I have been happy with the camera once I was able to start using it.

      --- In ccd-newastro@yahoogroups.com, Mark Striebeck <mark.striebeck@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > So far, I took images with my Nikon D7000. Now, I want to switch to a CCD
      > camera. But have no idea which one to buy. One constraint, I have is that I
      > want to do hyperstar imaging with my Celestron 8" EDGE scope. Which means I
      > have to get one of (according to
      > http://starizona.com/acb/hyperstar/whatis.aspx):
      > - Astrovid StellaCam
      > - Atik 3-Series
      > - Atik 4-Series
      > - Celestron Nightscape
      > - Mallincam
      > - Meade DSI & DSI Pro
      > - Orion StarShoot (I, II, and G3)
      > - Starlight Xpress (all models except H35/36)
      > I probably want to get a color camera (hyperstar probably won't support an
      > additional filter wheel). But what are the pro's and con's of the different
      > brands and models?
      > Thanks for any pointers (comparisons or previous discussions)!
      > MarkS
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