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71948low noise cameras

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  • mark_manner_spot_obsrv
    Nov 1, 2012
      Ron's comments here and in talks about read noise and dark current (or practical absence thereof) in professional ccd cameras encouraged me to investigate a couple of brands. So far I have looked at a couple of Andor and Princeton Instrument models with 2kx2k back-illuminated chips, and multi-stage air cooling. At this point, the read noise for cameras in the $50k price range seem to be 2.5-3.5 e/pix. For many of the 'usual' amateur cameras, the read noise is in the 9-13 e/pix range. Dark current is more or less neglible at the cooling ranges these cameras are capable of. What I haven't seen in this price range is read noise of ~ < 1 e/pix, however, which I believe Ron may have mentioned is the range of one of his cameras. My question for Ron is how significant in practice is a 3x reduction in read noise vs. 10x? There are cameras in the $30k range that have similar back-illuminated ccds, but read noise in the usual 9 e/pix range.
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