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71931Re: Under 20lb mount for AP

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  • tpiccian
    Oct 25 11:17 AM
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      I might suggest a GM-8 with an Ovision worm. Since the head goes on a Losmandy light tripod it might be what you are looking at. I doubt it would be 20 lbs combined but separately I'd bet each piece would be lighter than your ap600. But trading down from AP to Losmandy for 10 pounds doesn't really make much sense to me. Usually people go the other way!

      Tom P.

      --- In ccd-newastro@yahoogroups.com, "Orly" <orly.andico@...> wrote:
      > hi all
      > I'm looking for an under 20lb mount for AP.
      > My payload weighs about 15lb and the focal length is 700mm (reduced Orion 100ED).
      > Currently I am carrying it on an AP600 which carries it pretty well (which should not be a surprise). However the 600 weighs over 30 lb which makes it a bother to take down the stairs from my apartment for quick sessions. For the same reason I am not looking at the Mach1 which weighs even more than the 600.
      > I do not want something which will require endless tweaking. I am aware of the declination guiding bugs in the Vixen SXW/SXD so wish to avoid that.
      > I am seriously looking at the Tak EM11 but the review here -
      > http://www.wlcastleman.com/equip/reviews/em11_tsa102/index.htm
      > is not very encouraging (in terms of the Maxim guiding graph). It's nothing like an Mach1, and even my 15-year old AP600 gets better plots than that.
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