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71065Re: [ccd-newastro] Re: Frosting on ST8 camera

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  • Mark Acker
    May 3, 2012
      Be aware that you must store the replacement packs in such a way that they don't soak up moisture while they're waiting to be used.  I needed to replace them in the field one night and couldn't figure out why the "new" packs didn't do any better than the expired ones.  It seems that the ziploc-type bag I was using was inadequate.  So, store the replacement packs in as airtight a container as you can find.  The Farpoint offering does work really well otherwise.  I used it for quite a while in my ST2000XM.


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      The plugs that you can replace the dessicant with disposable packs work great on the ST series cameras. See link below to 'farpoint dessicant plug':


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      > When doing flats with my ST8 I noticed a bad case of frosting over. I followed the instructions to dry out the dessicant plug at 350 degrees in the oven but now when I look into the end of the plug I see what appears to be a solid metallic surface. I thought I glanced into the end before heating it and the surface appeared to be perforated with tiny holes to absorb the moisture. I am wondering if I ruined it when heating it or is this solid metallic surface that I am seeing normal??? Any advice on this subject will be appreciated. I also thought at one time someone else besides SBIG made a plug to fit this (if I have to buy a replacement) but I can't seem to find any other options now. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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