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69068Re: M81, M82, Holmberg IX, PGC 28731, and the IFN

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  • Eric
    Apr 3, 2011
      > Fascinating image Eric.

      Thanks, Ruben!

      > What software did you use to control the telescope remotely?

      My imaging software setup follows:

      AP ASCOM Driver
      MaximDL 5.07 (may need to be updated soon)
      CCDAutopilot 4
      Astrodon Takometer to control the rotator

      I connect to the remote computer via Windows Remote Desktop. I was surprised by that myself, but Ben the tech support fellow set me up for that. I was ready to use Radmin, which I've used for remote control in the past, but when set up right Windows Remote Desktop works just fine! Who knew?

      > How do you cover the telescope front end remotely, or do you leave the optics exposed?

      Right now, I leave the optics exposed. I'll just have to make sure to blow dust off the lenses ever now and then, I suppose. I am considering getting a FlipFlat to work both as a scope cover and a flat-on-demand imager, but I'm currently concerned about it catching winds and doing who knows what kind of damage (at the very least, messing up images!).

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