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69062Re: M81, M82, Holmberg IX, PGC 28731, and the IFN

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  • stardoctor5
    Apr 2, 2011
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      Fascinating image Eric.
      What software did you use to control the telescope remotely?
      How do you cover the telescope front end remotely, or do you leave the optics exposed?

      --- In ccd-newastro@yahoogroups.com, "Eric" <eja24601@...> wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > Over the last few months I have been somewhat busy getting a remote observatory in New Mexico up and running. After working my way through some glitches, I can finally share an image gathered using data while working my way through those glitches!
      > This is the ever-popular M81 and M82 duo, decorated with the Integrated Flux Nebula. Eighteen hours of usable data was used to create this vista.
      > A small image with information on the objects can be seen at http://www.skiesbyafrica.com/Galaxies/M81-82.html
      > Be sure to click on the image on the website to link to a 75% size image!
      > Takahashi TOA-130F with flattener on an AP1200GTO mount
      > SBIG STL-6303 with Astrodon filters and FW8-STL filter wheel
      > Exposure Details:
      > L: 63 x 10 Minutes, binned 1x1
      > R: 15 x 10 minutes, binned 1x1
      > G: 15 x 10 minutes, binned 1x1
      > B: 15 x 10 minutes, binned 1x1
      > 18 hours total exposure
      > So, where am I set up? Over at Rancho Hidalgo, the new astronomy village covered by Astronomy Magazine in some recent issues. In fact, our remote observatory is only a few doors away from Astronomy Magazine's observatory!
      > This development is headed by Gene Turner, the same person behind Chiefland Astronomy Village in Florida as well as Arizona Sky Village in Arizona.
      > More information on Rancho Hidalgo and Arizona Sky village can be found here:
      > http://www.hidalgonm.com/
      > http://www.arizonaskyvillage.com/
      > Gene's latest (any in many respects the most exciting) development, Granite Gap, can be found at http://www.granitegap.com/Home.aspx
      > Comments welcome. Otherwise, enjoy and thanks for looking!
      > Clear skies,
      > Eric
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