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68356Guide Scope Question

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  • Mike
    Nov 2, 2010
      Hi Group,

      I have a 12" SCT with a ST10XME camera at F/6.7 and, mounted piggyback on that scope, a 102mm F/6.9 refractor with an ST2000XM camera attached to it. I want to use the refractor as a guide scope. According to my calculations (from Ron's CCD Calculator), the pixel scales for each optical configuration are:

      1.38 arcsecs/pixel for the SCT (with 2x binning)

      4.33 arcsecs/pixel for the refractor (with 2x binning)

      I have been having at best mediocre results guiding with the refractor. I'm using MaximDL for imaging/guiding.

      For me to achieve the best guider corrections, should I make any changes to the above configuration? Should I not use 2x binning with the guide scope (and thus have about 2.16 arcsecs per pixel? What is the ideal configuration given the pixel scale of the main scope?


      -Mike Renzi

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