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67624RE: [ccd-newastro] Replacement of ST9XE

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  • Roy Uyematsu
    Jun 2, 2010
      If you are willing to sale and replace some stuff the STL-100E would give
      you 24 micron pixels and a larger chip, but you would need larger filters. I
      think the MOAG would still work with the proper adapter. You could use your
      RGH but your A0-8 would need to change to and AO-L. For better cooling
      performance you are going to need to go with FLI or Apogee. The STL is ready
      for wtaer cooling.

      Roy Uyematsu



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      There are not a lot of choices if you want to stick with all the gear
      you already have. The ST10XME is the best choice and most versatile.

      The ST9 gives you 0.95 as/p image scale. The ST10 would be 0.65 @ 2x2
      binning and 0.97 @ 3x3 binning. If you ever have the desire for widefield
      imaging also, it gives a very good image scale for 80mm to 100mm refractors
      also. With the CF10 and ST10XME, it would be narrowband imaging's first
      choice with its high sensitivity to Ha. It is the largest chip in the ST
      line now with internal guide chip and the RGH capability for the AO8. You
      may be able to find one on A-mart, but be careful and make sure it has the
      RGH capability; this option has only been around for the last few years, 4
      or 5 I think?


      All the best,



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      Subject: [ccd-newastro] Replacement of ST9XE

      Hello group,

      I have been using ST9XE for a while now and seriously have no complaint
      about it. The only thing that i dont like is the size of the chip and with
      my setup at f/12, a lot of targets are not fully covered. I was wondering
      what you guys suggest me to look for. With my very warm temperatures (38 C
      at night), i would definitely want a camera which would have
      water assisted super internal cooling.

      Stuff i own:
      C14, TCF, SBIG AO8, Astrodon MOAG, SBIG RGH, SBIG CFW10.

      Your suggestions would be Much appreciated!


      Umair Asim

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