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67496Re: [ccd-newastro] Re: Electric Focuser for a SkyWatcher 120mm BD ED refractor

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  • spaceage1939@aol.com
    May 5, 2010
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      Sorry to respond with another question instead of some answers, but I have
      an 80mm Meade refractor that I use mainly as a guide scope that sits on my
      Classic 10" SCT. I control the scope with Cartes Du Ciel. I use Meade's
      electric focuser. Just curious if there is an additional electric focuser that
      I can purchase that would control the focusing of the refractor thru my
      computer. I use the Meade DSI camera for guiding and my Atik hr16 for
      imaging, which I switch depending on the FOV I am imaging and which scope I use as
      the guide scope. It sure would be helpful to have the focusing of the
      refractor controlled thru the computer, as well. Any thoughts would be



      In a message dated 5/2/2010 10:15:46 A.M. Central Daylight Time,
      plsherman@... writes:

      If you're just looking for a simple electric focuser; try the Orion
      Accufocus. If the supplied brackets don't match up with your focuser; you can
      easily make one from a 1" brass strip purchased at most hobby shops. The
      focuser comes with a 9v battery box controller than can be replaced with
      Shoestring Astronomy's FCUSB controller for full computer driven control.

      The only problem with this setup is that the Accufocus is a DC motor with
      a gear reduction setup driving your focuser. It does not have "absolute"
      (can be moved to exactly the same position) focusing capability and has a bit
      of backlash when changing direction. More expensive electric focusers
      usually have stepper motors or other measuring mechanisms to provide feedback on
      where the focuser is positioned.


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      , "astroman_1a" <terrarouge@ter> wrote:
      > Hello.I was wondering if anyone out there had a SW 120mm ED and an
      electric focuser attached to it that would run from the computer.Someone said
      that I could get one if Iput on another 10:1 focuser on the scope...I would
      like an electric focuser but That's not going to happen...Any ideas...Thanks
      and clear skies...Dave

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