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668RE: [ccd-newastro] Ice Crystals

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  • Ron Wodaski
    Nov 1, 2000
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      That can happen. Once you condense out the moisture, it seems to stay away
      for a while. Not sure why that would be, but that was my experience when I
      had that crimped o-ring.

      Ron Wodaski
      The New Astronomy Book Site - http://www.newastro.com

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      From: Joe Marietta [mailto:jmarietta@...]
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      Subject: RE: [ccd-newastro] Ice Crystals

      Thanks Ron,
      I had a hunch those were crystals. Funny thing, after I raised the camera to
      ambient temp, then waited for the frost and crystals to leave, it worked
      great all night for the next 8 hrs.


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      On 11/1/00 at 12:09 AM Ron Wodaski wrote:

      >Those are almost certainly icing. There is a desiccant inside the camera
      >that is used to dry the chamber where the chip is located. There is a large
      >brass plug, removable from outside the camera, that contains the desiccant.
      >You can remove the brass plug, bake it in an oven for several hours, cool
      >it, and then replace it in the camera. Your camera should have come with a
      >black plug, no desiccant, but you can put it in the camera to keep dust out
      >of the chip chamber.
      >You can get the specific details of the desiccant recharging process in the
      >docs that came with your camera, or contact SBIG for any assistance you
      >Ron Wodaski
      >The New Astronomy Book Site - http://www.newastro.com
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      >From: Joe Marietta [mailto:jmarietta@...]
      >Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2000 7:43 PM
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      >Subject: [ccd-newastro] Ice Crysals
      >Hi Folks,
      >I uploaded a file called "holes" for help. I have a new ST8E NABG
      >that I have had
      >for about 9 months, but am now just beginning to use it. Prior to
      >use, it was stored in dry Pelican case.
      >Now after a few nights of good service, I am now getting these holes
      >in my images... are these or could they be ice crystals?
      >1. Can a relatively new camera get these? Granted I have had the
      >camera for 9 months, but it has be well stored and not exposed to the
      >2. What do I do now?
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      Joseph Marietta

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