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  • Christopher J Abissi
    Oct 1, 2009

      Interesting site. Have you any pictures of the sky quality meter
      installation and how you weather proof it? Any general shots of your

      Chris A.

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      As everyone says, you will do better with the L version. I have the LE
      version permanently mounted and the Knightware software running each night
      and uploaded live to the internet. Works great, haven't touched it in
      months. you can see it here:


      clear skies,


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      , "astromahoney" <pj.mahoney@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I am thinking of buying a sky quality meter and have been looking at the
      SQM and the SQM-L meters. I am a bit confused as to which one to purchase.
      > The info on the SQM-L quotes "The SQM-L is better suited for astronomy and
      dark sky enthusiasts. It has a lens to narrow the field of view so that
      street lights and buildings or trees do not affect the reading very much".
      > But I thought that it would be necessary to include any street light etc.,
      pollution to get a more accurate reading. Or probably I'm not understanding
      the proper use of the meter.
      > Can anyone put me right please....
      > Regards to all,
      > Paul
      > London, UK

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