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65589Re: [ccd-newastro] Re: New images from a new observatory

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  • Don
    Jul 1, 2009

      I also ran the Ethernet cable from the observatory to the house in pvc
      electrical conduit. I think the direct connection will solve my connection
      and speed problems. I will look for a surge protection solution to help
      protect the system. I don't know if it will protect against a direct
      lightening strike! <g>


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      > Don wrote:
      >> I'm trying to get a reliable Internet connection in my observatory even
      >> as
      >> we speak. WiFi connection was too slow and intermittent. The
      >> observatory
      >> is about a hundred and twenty-five feet from my WiFi router. I'm working
      >> on
      >> direct Ethernet wiring now.
      > That's what I found, and a direct 100 Mbps Ethernet connection is what
      > I use. The cable is buried in plastic conduit about a foot underground.
      > Before I buried it, a nearby lightning strike induced voltage that
      > zapped several ports in an Ethernet switch inside the house, plus the
      > Ethernet port in the observatory computer. IMO, buried cable is the best
      > way to go.
      > Mike
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