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65588Re: New images from a new observatory

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  • Mike Dodd
    Jul 1, 2009
      Don wrote:
      > I'm trying to get a reliable Internet connection in my observatory even as
      > we speak. WiFi connection was too slow and intermittent. The observatory
      > is about a hundred and twenty-five feet from my WiFi router. I'm working on
      > direct Ethernet wiring now.

      That's what I found, and a direct 100 Mbps Ethernet connection is what
      I use. The cable is buried in plastic conduit about a foot underground.
      Before I buried it, a nearby lightning strike induced voltage that
      zapped several ports in an Ethernet switch inside the house, plus the
      Ethernet port in the observatory computer. IMO, buried cable is the best
      way to go.


      Mike Dodd
      Montpelier, VA USA
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