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64035Which software supports WCS insertion into 32bit FITS

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  • drgert1
    Dec 3, 2008
      Hi All,

      For a mosaic project I need to automatically insert plate coordinates
      (and preferrably some polynomial distortion coefficients) into the
      fits header of my pre processed and stacked sub frames. The sub frames
      are produced by CCDStack and are in 32bit FITS format to preserve data
      So far the following attempts have failed.

      1. CCDStack has no feature for astrometry and WCS insertion.

      2. Astrometrica. Reads 32bit FITS, does a nice job in star matching
      but output FITS is truncated to 16bit

      3. CCDSoft. Fails to read 32bit FITS from CCDStack.

      4. AstroArt4. No automated reference star matching.

      Not tried yet:
      SExtractor & imWCS from WCSTools (Linux)

      What experience do others in the field have?

      Thanks & Clear Skies,
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