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63280Re: [ccd-newastro] CCD SBIG STL-11000M vs Apogee Alta U16M

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  • mford@holtonks.net
    Sep 1, 2008
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      As far as workmanship, I would go with the SBIG. Some buddies of mine had
      ordered several Apogees and all had to go back to be repaired. I know that
      SBIG has been around for a long time and takes care of their customers. Just
      my two cents.

      Quoting AVRYAuN <AVRYAuN@...>:

      > New to group and am going to build my own observatory. I have a Meade
      > LX-200 16" and a Takahashi TAO-130. I'm going to start getting into
      > astrophotography and have a couple of questions:
      > 1. If it was not about the money, I may be looking at the SBIG STL-
      > 11000M ccd camera or the Apogee Alta U16M (not considering FLI at this
      > moment). Which, in your opinion, offers the best color deep-sky
      > photography. Which gives the best "bang for your buck?"
      > 2. I'm gonna need a permanent, fixed mount for my T-130, maybe one day
      > step up to a T-150. Any idea whose pier would work best with the TAK?
      > Thank you,
      > Avery Golden
      > L.A.
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