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62719Re: [ccd-newastro] Re: Full Write-up on Embedding the ICC Color Profile into our Jpgs

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  • Neil Fleming
    Jul 4, 2008
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      You might have seen the note I got from Noel on the
      topic by now, Sander. He argues, and I think it makes
      sense, that the color space choice impacts the
      *presentation* of the underlying data only. As long
      as we don't clip the ends of the histograms, there is
      no data clipping inherent in selecting one color space
      over another. It merely influences which RGB values
      are sent to the screen for color presentation

      Interesting topic, though.


      --- Sander Pool <sander@...> wrote:
      > These looked identical in FF3 with default color
      > management settings
      > (ie. off) on my system with just a plain jane
      > Samsung 940b flat screen.
      > Rainer wrote that AdobeRGB would be better than
      > sRGB. It would be
      > interesting to see this illustrated.
      > Thanks,
      > Sander
      > PS making sure I always include the color profile
      > from now on
      > Steve wrote:
      > Finally, people may find this useful to test their
      > own system. Here
      > is one of my own images, processed in sRGB color
      > space in Photoshop
      > but uploaded untagged:
      > And here is the same image with an embedded sRGB
      > profile tag:
      > http://www.starrywonders.com/rosettewithICCsRGB.jpg
      > With color management turned OFF, open them side by
      > side to see if
      > there is a difference, and then you can assess this
      > more objectively.
      > Again, this may be monitor and OS dependent, so your
      > mileage may
      > vary, but it wouldn't surprise me if most see no
      > appreciable difference.

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