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62684Re: [ccd-newastro] Full Write-up on Embedding the ICC Color Profile into our Jpgs

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  • Paul Beskeen
    Jul 1, 2008
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      Neil Fleming wrote:
      > A little O/T, but here is the compilation of the notes
      > from the last few days.
      > This write-up illustrates how to set up full ICC color
      > profiling in Firefox 3 (so you can view the corrected
      > image that the author intended you to see), as well as
      > how to set up color profiling and embed the ICC color
      > profile into your own jpgs.
      > http://www.flemingastrophotography.com/iccprofiling.html

      Hi Neil,

      Many Thanks for drawing people attention to this. A couple of questions:

      1) I don't understand what benefit you would get if you continue to save
      in sRGB colour space (as suggested by your workflow) but with "color
      profile" ticked. The default for all browsers is sRGB.

      2) If you save in an alternative colour space - such as Adobe RGB, then
      won't people without ICC enabled browsers see some very strange effects?

      Cheers, Paul.
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