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62385Re: [ccd-newastro] Just an Introduction from a new member

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  • Neil Fleming
    Jun 1, 2008
      Welcome back to the hobby! Have fun!


      --- Gerald Rowe <eebaddej@...> wrote:

      > Hello all, My name is Jerry, Im a recently new
      > amateur
      > astronomer/astrophotographer. Been at it a few years
      > now. Just bought
      > some equipment late in 2007. A LXD75 10"
      > SchmidtNewtonian on a
      > equatorial mount, with Autostar Go To technology, a
      > 497 handbox
      > controller, a DSI Pro Deep Sky Imager CCD, and had a
      > custom laptop
      > built with Duo Core, cd/dvd burner, the faster 7400
      > rpm hard drive,
      > windows xp instead of vista, lots of ram and way
      > more then required for
      > the programs neccessary. The only problem is the
      > weather since having
      > this stuff hasn't cooperated much. So I havnt been
      > getting many chances
      > to practice, go through the trials and error to
      > really learn how to get
      > images. I did live at and volunteer at an
      > observatory for several
      > months and learned so much about the basic
      > fundamentals of astronomy
      > while there. But astronomy has long been a passion
      > of mine but never
      > been able to pusue it until getting ill with an
      > incurable neurological
      > disease, having to shut down my business, getting
      > quite ill and getting
      > served divorce papers and starting over while
      > disabled alone and then
      > finally I was able to go after my passion. So Im in
      > the business of
      > learning how to be a good astrophotographer so I can
      > contribute to the
      > effort of learnig and answering questions of
      > cosmology. And the
      > question are I think as infinite as the Universe
      > itself. But I'm hooked
      > I have seen so many beautiful images from all you
      > people, and with all
      > the technology we have, what a time to get involved.
      > Hopefully soon
      > I'll be sharing images too, although there's a lot
      > better equipment out
      > there and experience too then I have. For now. So
      > I'll be around a
      > while. Reading,sharing, and asking questions. My
      > first one is anybodys
      > opinion on the new World Wide Telescope by Microsoft
      > that just came out.
      > Was thinking about having a new quite powerful
      > computer built to handle
      > just about any program that come along. And
      > eventually a bigger and
      > better telescope or light bucket once I lean some
      > with what I got.
      > I a little concerned about stability with my LXD75
      > 10". Is it enough
      > mount for the telescope and equipment on top. Well
      > there's a start.
      > Its good to be here! Jerry

      Direct from Boston - brilliant diamonds in pea soup
      Also check out the astro_narrowband Yahoo group!
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