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62382Re: [ccd-newastro] Just an Introduction from a new member

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  • Jerry Rowe
    May 31 8:43 PM
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      Hi Don,  Thanks very much for the advise, Even with my limited experience that was the first thing I noticed about the scope. I went back and forth with Meade about the issue of stability with that scope, and all they could say was its just backlash, and all scopes do it.
      I knew better though. I know the difference between backlash and stability. I told them that even with a slight breeze the scope would shutter and asked them how will I do any time lapse photography or stack or anything with the scope shaking in the breeze. But didnt get anywhere. They sent me new RA and Dec gear/motor boxes, and all kinds of attempts to satisfy me except to admit selling a 10" newtonian on that mount didn't add up to a good arrangement. I will do my best until I can get a different set-up. Also I planned on getting Rons book. I was working at the Goldendale Observatory when I ordered that telescope.
      It seemed fine in the catolog, but once I got it I could see the weight to mount ratio issue.
      Thats what happens when you order something through the website and have it delivered.
      If I had gone to the astronomy store and looked it over first I think I would have made a different choice. The learning process I guess. My biggest complaint is the weather since having it. There have been some nice days but invariably it clouds up at night, I need some chances to see just what I can do with it. Since becoming disabled my earning potential isn't what it was, so I have to do my best with what I got for now. More reading, and hopefully some hands on experience soon.
            Thanks again!   and best regards   Jerry

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      Subject: Re: [ccd-newastro] Just an Introduction from a new member
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      Welcome to the group and to this rewarding hobby. You asked about the LXD75

      being able to handle your 10 in. OTA. In my opinion you are at the limit of

      the mount with the 10 inch OTA. This is not to say you can't use it, but,

      the stability may be a problem for astrophotography. I would suggest using

      a scope such as one of the ED80 APOs that are on the market. These can be

      rather kind to the budget and will be a much better match for the LXD75.

      You should be able to find a good used one on Astromart in the 400 to 600

      dollar range. One other suggestion is to buy Ron's books. Start with "The

      New CCD Astronomy".

      http://www.newastro .com

      Best regards,

      Don Waid

      http://www.waid- observatory. com

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      From: "Gerald Rowe" <eebaddej@yahoo. com>

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      Subject: [ccd-newastro] Just an Introduction from a new member

      > Hello all, My name is Jerry, Im a recently new amateur

      > astronomer/astropho tographer. Been at it a few years now. Just bought

      > some equipment late in 2007. A LXD75 10" SchmidtNewtonian on a

      > equatorial mount, with Autostar Go To technology, a 497 handbox

      > controller, a DSI Pro Deep Sky Imager CCD, and had a custom laptop

      > built with Duo Core, cd/dvd burner, the faster 7400 rpm hard drive,

      > windows xp instead of vista, lots of ram and way more then required for

      > the programs neccessary. The only problem is the weather since having

      > this stuff hasn't cooperated much. So I havnt been getting many chances

      > to practice, go through the trials and error to really learn how to get

      > images. I did live at and volunteer at an observatory for several

      > months and learned so much about the basic fundamentals of astronomy

      > while there. But astronomy has long been a passion of mine but never

      > been able to pusue it until getting ill with an incurable neurological

      > disease, having to shut down my business, getting quite ill and getting

      > served divorce papers and starting over while disabled alone and then

      > finally I was able to go after my passion. So Im in the business of

      > learning how to be a good astrophotographer so I can contribute to the

      > effort of learnig and answering questions of cosmology. And the

      > question are I think as infinite as the Universe itself. But I'm hooked

      > I have seen so many beautiful images from all you people, and with all

      > the technology we have, what a time to get involved. Hopefully soon

      > I'll be sharing images too, although there's a lot better equipment out

      > there and experience too then I have. For now. So I'll be around a

      > while. Reading,sharing, and asking questions. My first one is anybodys

      > opinion on the new World Wide Telescope by Microsoft that just came out.

      > Was thinking about having a new quite powerful computer built to handle

      > just about any program that come along. And eventually a bigger and

      > better telescope or light bucket once I lean some with what I got.

      > I a little concerned about stability with my LXD75 10". Is it enough

      > mount for the telescope and equipment on top. Well there's a start.

      > Its good to be here! Jerry



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