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60411Re: [ccd-newastro] Help with computer

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  • Robert Marceau
    Nov 30 7:04 PM
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      Interesting. MS claims that 32 bit versions of Vista use up to 4GB. I
      Googled this and got some interesting answers.

      In XP, if you have an integrated video system, it steals main memory and the
      reported amount is smaller by that amount. But 512MB is awfully large
      for integrated graphics.

      Seems like the answer for Vista is a whole lot more complicated and a whole
      lot OT to this group.

      On 11/29/07, Murray Hammick <mphammick@...> wrote:
      > I have Vista on a Quad core PC with 4 gig of Ram loaded.
      > The system only shows 3.25gig for some reason. perhaps that is the max on
      > VIsta.
      > Murray

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