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58924Re: image compression for web net

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  • Rainer
    Aug 1, 2007
      Hi Alex,

      I do not know how your workflow was but normally first reduce your
      image to maybe 1200x800 or 900x600 in tif format and then save it as
      JPG with a quality factor of maybe minimum 65%.

      It could be that what you are seeing are strong compression artifacts.

      Also do not forget to convert the tif image before saving in JPG to
      sRGB color profile.

      That is what comes to my mind in regard to that.

      saludos Rainer

      > I have a tiff image result of RAW stacking, that was
      > later adjusted in Photoshop (curves , contrast etc), I
      > am pleased with the final looking image (best I could
      > extract from it.
      > It is now 47 Mb and has the following:
      > 16bit/channel, 3500x2300 pixels, TIFF format,
      > obviously not publishable on the net, or even cant
      > email it to friends (not every viewer can display 16
      > bit/chanel)
      > So I transform it to 8bit/channel, decrease pixel size
      > and save it in JPEG, after this compression to say
      > that it looks nasty over-sharpened and
      > over-contrasted and over-saturated is underestimation
      > it just looks ugly, so my question is why to bother
      > shoot in RAW do all kinds of stretching and
      > adjustments if all is lost during image compression
      > for publication or distribution, or there are ways to
      > compress it without loosing the smoothness and
      > richness of original image??
      > your detailed suggestions are very much appreciated,
      > thank you, Alex
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