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5849Re: [ccd-newastro] Re: gradients & normalization

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  • Mark Jenkins
    Feb 1 7:37 AM
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      Hi Jim,

      The short answer is yes. You cannot perform many operations in PS
      without changing to 8 bit mode.

      In PS 6 certain filters are available in 16bit like Unsharp Mask, and
      Gaussian Blur and a few others.

      As many histogram adjustments as possible should be done in 16 bit but
      some tweaking of the histogram can be done in 8 bit mode if needed.

      Switching to 8 bit is not necessarily a "bad idea" simply because it is


      Mark Jenkins

      On Friday, February 1, 2002, at 02:39 AM, jfeldhou wrote:

      > this is good to know.
      > more questions...
      > do I need to switch to 8 bit to do the combine in photoshop?
      > I was unable to get layers, nor "Apply image" to work in
      > 15/16 bit mode? is switching to 8 bits before doing advanced
      > processing (ddp,unsharp,L-R) a bad idea?
      > is switching to 8 bits a bad idea in general?
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