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410Re: [ccd-newastro] Uploaded new images

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    Oct 1, 2000
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      Good Morning Ron:

      An interesting discovery! I am almost afraid to ask how you came up with
      this method <g>.

      I presume the t-shirt should be white. Is that correct? Also, can the
      images be taken any time of the day or is toward evening better?

      I will give this a try with the fastar set-up and a dew shield. I'll place
      the image in the files section for your evaluation.

      Clear skies,

      > The best method I've found for flat fielding isn't in that chapter; I
      > discovered it just two days ago. <g> I'll be adding it shortly.
      > I'm not sure, though that it will work with the Fastar. The method
      > placing a t-shirt over the front of the scope. With a conventional setup,
      > you can simply stretch the t-shirt across the opening. You then take a
      > daylight images with a very short duration, maybe 4-6 of them, average
      > and you have a superb flat field.
      > It's worth a try with the faster setup, but the problem may be that the
      > shirt can't be easily stretched flat because of the camera sticking out.
      > you have a dew shield, it would be worth a try, but if you don't use the
      > shield when imaging, it might give you a flat that won't be quite right.
      > This would have to be tested to find out.
      > Otherwise, I would think that a twilight flat or a dome flat would be most
      > effective with the Fastar setup.
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