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38342M42 in Near IR, [SII] and Halpha

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  • Richard Crisp (SBC)
    Feb 1, 2005
      this is a project I've been meaning to start for some time. It is a widefield using Near IR longpass, [SII] and Halpha

      the bright stars in the Trapezium really severely limited my exposure time in Near IR, otherwise the sensor would bloom terribly. I ended up taking 15 second exposures. I had to take 100 of those subexposures to get 25 minutes total exposure.

      the Halpha and [SII] data were 25 exposures of 60 seconds each.

      each exposure with this camera, IMG6303, is 12.3MB. So I had a lot of raw data to crunch: 150 exposures of 12.3MB each.

      Even so, the data is a bit grainy so I may shoot more data another night soon. Who'd have thought that 150 exposures would be too few?


      it takes about one minute to cycle through a 15 second exposure roughly, just as a data point.

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