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27904Re: "Sharpness" in CCDSoft

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  • Andy Schlei
    Jun 1, 2004
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      > Did you have Autodark turned on? Hot pixels can make a mess of
      > algorithms.

      Yes, autodark was on.

      > Also: what
      > was the seeing like? If seeing jumping around, then you need to
      average 3 or
      > more readings at each focus position in order to clean up the data
      > remove seeing-induced noise.

      The seeing was moderate and there was ample light pollution and moon
      glow. Nonetheless, the seeing figure did not in any way reflect
      what were obvious visual changes to the focus. If I read the manual
      right, it is a relative measure based on a starting point that is
      out of focus. Perhaps I reset the graph too close to critical focus?

      Prior to trying sharpness, I had been using maximum pixel with good
      results, but wanted to try the measure that was supposedly better.
      Designed more for automated than manual focusing?

      After trying out the new MaximDL tonight and using FWHM, it worked
      very well. I did have a situation where the focus suddenly changed
      by 1.5mm, as measured by the DRO. I need to do a little checking to
      see why that may have happened -- that's for another post.


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