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24406RE: [ccd-newastro] Which focal reducer??? (f6.3 focal reducer)

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  • Wodaski - Yahoo
    Mar 1, 2004
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      I skimmed the information and images on the Australian reducer, and the
      first thing that caught my eye was the elongated stars in the sample images,
      and the softness of the terrestrial sample images with the refractor. These
      concern me. There could be perfectly reasonable explanations for these
      things, but....I would probably go with the existing, known reducers unless
      you feel there is a reason not to. Just my opinion, but it sounds like you
      do not want to risk wasting your money.

      Ron Wodaski
      The New CCD Astronomy Book

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      Subject: [ccd-newastro] Which focal reducer??? (f6.3 focal reducer)

      Now living in the UK means that a tin of beans costs twice as much
      as in the US. Then on top of that if any reference is made to
      astronomy the price increases 10 fold. I'm after a focal reducer &
      have 3 options;

      Buy one new from the states & face to wraith of import duties.

      Buy one 2nd hand, I have one lined up, which happens to cost the
      same as one new in the US!.

      Finally there is this option http://webcaddy.com.au/astro/F-066FR-

      Does anyone have any experience of the 3rd option? & does is work as
      well as the Meade version.

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