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23272Re: What the heck....a donut near M81?

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  • mike_from_tn@yahoo.com
    Feb 2, 2004
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      Thanks for all the suggestions!

      Actually I am very methodic about flats and have wrapped the camera
      and drawtube with cloth for some time now. What is perplexing this
      time around is that this effect seems to only happen with the
      Schuler Ir blocking luminance filter. I note the artifact is present
      both in the luminance flats as well as the luminance image frame. I
      also took RGB filtered shots of the same object and neither the flat
      frames nor the object frames had the artifact present. The filter is
      spotless so perhaps I am dealing with a reflection issue?

      It almost seems as if the flat field is correcting too strongly or
      perhaps not enough. Guess I'll go back to shooting with the SBIG
      clear that didn't exhibit any of the odd effects.

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