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22Camera focus with Fastar

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  • Jack Patterson
    Jul 4, 2000
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      Your book says that short focal ratio scopes require precise focus and more effort to achieve the best focus, and the NGF-S focuser is recommended for fine focusing control on a SCT.  It seems like the f2 Fastar would need critical focus and the NGF-S is probably not useable since the central obstruction would probably increase and the 2+" space for the focuser may not be there.  How did you focus the Fastar with the ST237 camera for the images at your site or what would you recommend for Fastar fine focus control?
      Also, have you used your STV on the Fastar and if you have, how did its imaging compare to your ST237/Fastar results?  Do you plan on doing a STV review sometime?
      Jack Patterson
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