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2176Re: [ccd-newastro] Lunar Images

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  • Kevin Dixon
    May 2, 2001
      Good evening Ron:

      You were certainly right about the focus. The turbulence in the atmosphere
      made focus extremely difficult. Certainly, the most challenging focus
      effort I have ever undertaken.

      I did manage to acquire about 30 images however. After I do some
      rudimentary processing, I'll post them to the group files tomorrow night.

      Clear skies,

      From: "Ron Wodaski" <ronw@...>

      > The ST-237 will be good for the job; it has exposures down to a
      > I believe. You should have to down about that low to avoid over-exposure.
      > you need more attenuation, a moon filter, or a rotating polarizing filter,
      > will do the job effectively. If you are close, then your built-in blue
      > filter should give you a little extra bit of attenuation.
      > Focus is challenging. If there is any turbulence, it will drive you crazy
      > you try to focus. <g> Try to find the rough range of best focus, and then
      > for the middle of that. It would be interesting to try CCDSoft's @Focus on
      > the moon.
      > If you have it, don't forget to set the lunar tracking rate on your mount.
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