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    Jun 19, 2000
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      Hey guys,
      I took this last night with an ap 1200 mount.  I took an ok 60 second guided shot and then tried guiding, focal length 1600mm.  I used .5 guiding and calibrated at .5x.  When I did the star stayed on the little autoguiding chip the whole exposure.  I did not play with backlash at all.  I used a bunch of different settings on maxim guiding, but didn't try to change backlash in guider settings. 
      I even tried the Roland calibrate at 1x and guide at .5x trick and got the same results. 
      I think it is dec backlash, can anyone help?  The ap mount manual says to depress one dip switch at a time till backlash gone.  I was too tuckered out to mess with it. 
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