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1821RE: [ccd-newastro] Re: Can someone let me use their M101 B channel?

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  • Steven Jodoin
    Apr 1, 2001

      Hello CCD-Newastro,

      Just a quick message promote a new website I am working on for Chris Hadfield and the crew of STS-100.
      You can find it at:


      Originally it started out as a few pages on our RMC Class of 82 website, but there were so many things
      that could be added the crew supported the idea of a unique domain name and additions to the site.
      Over the course of the next 4 weeks I hope to get more things available at the site including some more
      maps of Florida for people planning to attend the Launch or Landing, more photos and additional space
      and Florida related links.

      Some things of interest at STS-100.ORG include a number of training pictures for the mission not available
      elsewhere yet, a detailed mission schedule in PDF format which you can download and have on your
      local hard disk quick browsing during the mission (19-30 Apr 01), as well as some neat screen wallpapers.
      There are instructions at the site on how you can get a hold of the wallpapers for your particular screen
      resolution.  If there is sufficient demand I will make these available directly at the site in the
      future.  For now they are available through Freedrive.com and you will need an invite to obtain them
      (please follow the instructions listed on the wallpaper page).  Finally, I have just created a Yahoogroups
      email list for the mission which you can join at the homepage for the website to stay current with the
      latest from now until approx. one month after the mission.

      I am curious.  What are the chances of people on this list getting some pictures of STS-100 or the ISS
      during the mission (19-30 Apr 01)?

      Enjoy and hope you find some interest in this website.


      Steven Jodoin
      Bendigo, Vic, Australia

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