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1816RE: [ccd-newastro] Dec drift while guiding with a LX-200

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  • Ron Wodaski
    Apr 1 11:53 AM
      Lowering aggressiveness is a good idea. You can also shorten the maximum
      time for a Dec correction in most camera control packages.

      Ron Wodaski
      The New CCD Astronomy

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      From: al brockman [mailto:alanb@...]
      Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2001 5:55 AM
      To: ccd-newastro@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [ccd-newastro] Dec drift while guiding with a LX-200

      I have been very encouraged in my persuit of better tracking with the
      LX200 mount by use of a relay switch developed by Wesley Erickson. I tried
      it out for the first time two nights ago with my ST-8 and what it does is
      deceptively simple but now allows the guide chip to track in both RA and
      DEC without problems caused by DEC backlash - ala' the Death Wobbles'. It
      switches off a north or south direction so that Dec movements occur in one
      direction only to correct for the inevitable DEC drift. Over a combined 60
      minute exposure, the guide star never left the window and stayed centred.
      Normally I must switch off Dec corrections and see a slow drift over time
      that I can never quite tweak out by Drift aligning. There were occasions of
      overshoot but I think I can improve that by changing the aggressive
      setting. Is there a better way to adjust this?
      My sincere thanks to Wes.

      Regards, Alan

      Al Brockman
      Shoklo Malaria Research Unit
      PO Box 46, Mae Sot, Tak 63110

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