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1805Re: [ccd-newastro] Dec drift while guiding with a LX-200

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  • Kevin Dixon
    Apr 1, 2001
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      Good Morning Alan:

      Can you please describe this relay switch in a bit more detail. Is it
      specific to the LX-200? Do you have information on how it can be obtained,
      if applicable to scopes other than the LX-200?

      Clear skies,
      Kevin Dixon

      From: "al brockman" <alanb@...>

      > I have been very encouraged in my persuit of better tracking with the
      > LX200 mount by use of a relay switch developed by Wesley Erickson. I
      > it out for the first time two nights ago with my ST-8 and what it does is
      > deceptively simple but now allows the guide chip to track in both RA and
      > DEC without problems caused by DEC backlash - ala' the Death Wobbles'. It
      > switches off a north or south direction so that Dec movements occur in one
      > direction only to correct for the inevitable DEC drift. Over a combined 60
      > minute exposure, the guide star never left the window and stayed centred.
      > Normally I must switch off Dec corrections and see a slow drift over time
      > that I can never quite tweak out by Drift aligning. There were occasions
      > overshoot but I think I can improve that by changing the aggressive
      > setting. Is there a better way to adjust this?
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