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RE: [ccaomlcaom] Portland meeting minutes

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  • Naomi Broering
    Thanks for all the useful information about the ccaoml meeting. Sorry I missed it. I hope I can make the next one in SF. Let me know when. Naomi Naomi C.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 24, 2007
      Thanks for all the useful information about the ccaoml meeting. Sorry I
      missed it.
      I hope I can make the next one in SF. Let me know when.

      Naomi C. Broering, MLS, MA. FACMI
      Dean of Libraries
      Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
      7445 Mission Valley Rd. Suite 101
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      LCAOM met in Portland Oregon on Wednesday, October 17th.

      Attendance: Jim Emdy, Five Branches University (chair),Ewa Hammer,
      DRCOM, Amy Khan, PIHMa, Sue Mall, OCOM, John Krasno, YO SAN, Tom
      Haines, PCOM, Dick Pittein and Chaitania, Wu Hsing Tao School, Chaitania.

      There was consensus that cooperation among the libraries and resource
      sharing was highly desirable and preferable to competition and
      duplicate effort. It was recognized that the libraries vary in size
      and focus, some just beginning collection development, while others
      are fairly well established.

      The primary means of cooperation is achieved through effective
      communication. This can be achieved through use of the listserv group
      yahoo group. Currently there are 29 members, and a link on the CCAOM
      home page leads to the listserve group. Other libraries and
      information staff are encouraged to join. Email contact between
      individual libraries is also possible. Information is also available
      on the home pages of the various colleges of oriental medicine. Five
      Branches library can be used as a focus for information sharing.

      The group agreed that it is highly desirable to maintain some
      consistency in development of information resources. This could
      include general procedures for collection development, suggestions for
      a common terminology and compatible classification systems.

      There was a brief discussion of the implications of the DAOM program
      proposals on the information needs of the school.

      The following actions are proposed:
      1. Encourage and expand membership in the yahoo group.
      2. Prepare documents on collection development and related issues.
      3. Update the directory of schools of oriental medicine, particularly
      in terms of library contacts. This document is available in the yahoo
      group documents section.
      4. Information on translation programs to facilitate research from
      materials in Chinese, etc.
      5. Explore the possibility of having key texts on oriental medicine
      digitalized through Google or Open Content Alliance.(This item was
      actually not discussed at the meeting)

      The next meeting site will be San Francisco, California.

      Thanks to the participants at the meeting. Documents and further
      communication will be forthcoming.

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