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LOOM meeting in New Orleans.

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  • jim emdy
    The meeting of the LOOM subcommittee of CCAOM took place on Wednesday, May 9th in New Orleans. A summary of the meeting was presented at the open general
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2007
      The meeting of the LOOM subcommittee of CCAOM took place on Wednesday, May 9th in New Orleans.  A summary of the meeting was presented at the open general meeting on Friday, May 11th.  Jim Emdy presided and the following persons attended:
      Mary Able/Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture
      Ewa Hammer/DRCOM
      Will Morris/AOMA
      Discussion centered on several key library issues:
      1.  Creating ordered and systematic data bases for the collection.
      2.  Selection of appropriate software to facilitate
      3. Sharing of data and mutual help in cataloging and maintenance of the collection; need for a "union" catalog for member libraries.
      Relating to the first question, a lively discussion took place regarding classification systems, and some nuts and bolts of cataloging a collection.  There was general agreement that the Library of Congress or National Medical Library classification schemes were preferred over ad-hoc systems or the Dewey Decimal system.
      Two software packages were examined: LibraryWorld and Cybertools.  Both vendors provide for "union" catalogs.  LibraryWorld is less expensive than Cybertools and is constantly being upgraded,e.g. adddition of Z39.50 search capabilities, but the cheapest version does not have strong reporting capability.  Cybertools seems to offer a complete package of services and may be the choice for the future; at present some attendees felt that the listed cost of Cybertools was prohibitive at this time.
      The OPAC (online public access catalog) offered by the Five Branches Institute is available for searching and for guidance for cataloging.  Records can be copied and brought over to the home library for paste up.  Jim Emdy is available to consult on questions of collection arrangement and cataloging issues.  The Five Branches online catalog is available from the Five Branches Institute home page, go to Student services, then Library, where a link to the OPAC catalog is available.
      A packet of booklists was prepared and made available to participants.  A master check list in Excel format summarizes recommended texts from various sources.  I will attempt to add this document as an attachment to these minutes.  If you do not receive or cannot open the attachment, please let me know and I can send you a packet by regular mail.
      The next meeting of the subcommittee willl be in Portland, Oregon, in October.  It is hoped that earlier information on time and place for the meeting will enhance attendance.
      Any questions, please email me at library@....
      Jim Emdy
      Chair, LOOM.

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