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first draft of revised book list

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  • jim emdy
    Here is the first draft of the revised book list; yet to be added are crosschecks against the list provided by the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2007
      Here is the first draft of the revised book list; yet to be added are crosschecks against the list provided by the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from its webpage.
      Acupuncture and Point CombinationsRoss, JYes
      Acupuncture Risk ManagementKailinYes
      Acupuncture: a comprehensive textShanghai College TCMYesYesYes
      American Hospital formulary service drug informationYes
      AMMA Therapy: a complete text..SohnYes
      Anatomy and PhysiologyThibideauYes
      Archetypal AcupunctureDolowichYes
      Atlas of Human anatomyNetterYes
      Aura: Shield of protectionSaraydarianYes
      Auriculotherapy ManualOlesonYes
      Basic and clinical pharmacologyKatzungYes
      Bates Guide to Physical ExamBickleyYesYes
      Being successful: the McCain methMcCainYes
      Between Heaven and EarthBeinfieldYes
      Biology: concepts and connectionsCampbellYes
      Building your ideal private practiceGrodzkiYes
      Cartoon guide to physicsGonickYes
      Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibus..Cheng (ed)YesYesYes
      Chinese Herbal Medicine: FormulasBensky, BaroletYesYesYes
      Chinese Herbal Medicine: MateriaBensky, BaroletYesYesYes
      Chinese Herbal Patent MedicinesMacleanYes
      Chinese Herbalists HandbookEhlingYes
      Chinese Massage: Practical Engli,,Wang GuopYes
      Chinese medical qigong therapy 1-6JohnsonYes
      Chinese System of Food CuresLiu, HYes
      Clean Needle Technique ManualNational Acup Found.YesYesYes
      Clinical anatomy made ridiculouslyGoldbergYes
      Clinical implications of lab testsTilikenYes
      Clinical pharmacology made rid....OlsonYes
      Clinical pocket referenceGomelaYes
      Clinical practice of Chinese medJarrettYes
      Clinician's pocket drug referenceGomellaYes
      Combining Western herbs and ChineRoss, JYes
      Complete adult psychotherapy tx..JongsmaYes
      Conceptual physics 10th edHewittYes
      Current Medical Diagnosis&Treatm.TierneyYes
      Diagnosis in Chinese MedicineMaciocciaYes
      Differential diagnosis of common...SellerYes
      Dorland's illustrated medical dictDorlandYes
      Dui yao the art of combining cmBlue poppy pressYes
      Elegant universe: super strings...GreeneYes
      Energetics of Western HerbsHolmesYes
      English-Chinese encyclopedia of Practical TCM Ob/GynYes
      Essential Book of Traditional ChineYanchi, LYes
      Essentials of Chinese AcupunctureBeijing FLPYes
      Essentials of Chinese med internalShiYes
      Essentials of Family medicineLippincottYes
      Evaluation of industrial disabilityThurberYes
      Five elements acupuncture hndbkSmithYes
      Five Elements Constitutional acupJarrettYes
      Foundations of Chinese MedicineMaciocciaYesYesYes
      Fundamentals of Chinese AcupunctEllis, WisemanYesYes
      Griffith's 5-minute clinical consult 06DambroYes
      H & P data the complete historyRodriguezYes
      Handbook of Chinese Herbal FormuYeungYes
      Handbook of clinical drug dataKnobenYes
      Handbook of Trad Chinese GynecolZhang, TYes
      Harrison's Principles Internal MedBraunwaldYes
      Health & Wellness 9 edEdllinYes
      Hepatitis C help bookCohenYes
      Herbal emissariesFosterYes
      Human Anatomy 4th edMariegYes
      Human physiology 9th edFoxYes
      Informed touchFinandoYes
      Introd. Chemistry for today 8th edSeagerYes
      Japanese Classical AcupunctureDenmai, ShYes
      Laws and regulations ...AcupunctureCalif Acup BoardYes
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