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Regarding SCELC.

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  • jamesemdy
    Please read the following message regarding SCELC and think aboutthe next step. how many libraries might want to participate and do we want as a group or
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2013
      Please read the following message regarding SCELC and think aboutthe next step. how many libraries might want to participate and do we want as a group or individually. i will volunteer to be contact person.

      From Rick Burke at SCELC.

      I would be interested in talking with you further regarding a possible partnership with your group of libraries. A school like the Pacific School of Oriental Medicine is what we call an "affiliate." Essentially, SCELC Affiliates are libraries that aren't actually members, but they are still able to license resources through SCELC at a discount. And yes, they can be non-California libraries, and we could create a partnership with an MOU if you wish. (If your group of libraries is a very informal association, then I am assuming that each library would have the option whether or not to participate, and each library would be individually responsible for any financial obligations regarding subscriptions or purchases through SCELC. In that instance, an MOU might not be necessary.)

      Since our bylaws state that only nonprofit private academic and research institutions can be members, our affiliate category makes it possible for other types of libraries to take advantage of our discounted licensing opportunities, and membership remains a possibility for those affiliates that might meet our criteria for membership.

      Would you be the primary contact for this group of libraries? We can work with each library individually, or we can use you in the role of "conduit" to help communicate SCELC offers to the libraries. Whatever works best for you. In our experience, being able to communicate SCELC resource offers directly to the libraries always works best, but it's helpful to have one person available as a "group representative" to help draw attention to SCELC offers and provide support to encourage participation in the licensing opportunities.

      In order for any library to participate, they would just need to complete the SCELC Affiliate application on our web site. There is no financial obligation attached to becoming an affiliate; the application just provides us with the essential information that we require in order for a library to participate in any product offers. The application can be found on our web site at: http://scelc.org/application .

      Further information and guidelines for the affiliates program can be viewed via the descriptions on our web site of some of our other partnerships. For example, you might want to look at the page concerning our partnership with the hospital libraries in the National Library of Medicine's Pacific Southwest Region: http://scelc.org/nnlm/guidelines

      I hope some of this preliminary information is helpful, and I apologize once again for the delinquent response. My contact information is my signature below; feel free to contact me via email or telephone if you have further questions.


      Rick Burke
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