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  • Candise Branum
    Hi all! I will be teaching an online CE course February 1-14 with Library Juice Academy on *Alternative Health Resources for Librarians*. I know many of you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2013
      Hi all! I will be teaching an online CE course February 1-14 with Library Juice Academy on Alternative Health Resources for Librarians. I know many of you are already well-versed in all things CAM, but if you are new to the field or just need a refresher course, this self-paced two-week course might be up your alley. Please feel free to pass this on to colleagues new to the field, as I hope this could be a great starting point for them. Along with getting an overview of CAM modalities, we will be talking about specific databases and resources, and participants will come away with an understanding of the resources available (both free and subscription) for public and academic use.


      From Library Juice Academy:

      Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Integrative Medicine. Whole Medical Systems. What do these really mean? With the cost of healthcare sky-rocketing, hordes of underinsured people have begun seeking affordable healthcare outside of the western biomedical system. But how can we adequately help our patrons find reliable alternative health information if we don’t understand what alternative medicine is? This two-week boot camp into the world of alternative medicine will provide you with an understanding of various “alternative” treatments and the barriers to its research, arming you with the vocabulary to find reliable alternative health information.

      Candise Branum, MLS
      Director of Library Services
      College of Oriental Medicine
      75 NW Couch Street
      Portland, OR 97209
      503-253-3443 ext.134

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