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Re: [ccaomlcaom] amended minutes of November 2011 lcaom meeting in florida

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  • Della Shupe
    Hi Jim, Thanks for the correction. I should have pointed out that our name should be corrected in the fifth line under #2 also. Thanks! Della Della Shupe
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 22, 2011
      Hi Jim,
      Thanks for the correction.  I should have pointed out that our name should be corrected in the fifth line under #2 also.

      Della Shupe
      Director of Library Services
      Greenawalt Library
      Northwestern Health Sciences University
      2501 West 84th Street
      Bloomington, MN  55431
      (952) 885-5417    dshupe@...
      >>> "jamesemdy" <librarian@...> 11/21/2011 6:19 PM >>>

      November 14, 2011
      Minutes of LCAOM meeting in Safety Harbor, Florida, November 10th, 2011
      Chair: Jim Emdy, Five Branches University. librarian@...

      Attendance (in person):
      Vladimir O'Bridida, CSTCM. Director@...
      Tim Duan, ASAOM. ed_director@...
      Andi Houston, AFEA. andihouston@...
      Ciss Majeda, Daoist Traditions. president@...
      Dr. Beth Donahou, NYCC. bdonahou@...
      Attendance(by conference call):
      Sara Wang, ACTCM. sarawang@...
      Teresa Infeld, Dallas Traditional. timfeld@...
      Chris Sheldon, NYCC. csheldon@...
      Della Shupe, Northwestern Health Sciences University. dshupe@...
      Jane Faxton, Bastyr University. jfaxton@...
      Susan Bank, Bastyr University. sbanks@...
      Abbie Basile, AIAm. abasile@...
      Christine Keogh, World Medicine Institue. wmilibrary@...
      Judi Kawachi,ICAOM. library@...
      Jennifer Kirin, Tai Sophia. jkirin@...

      1. ICD-11.
      Reminder of the importance of the WHO ICD-11 project and its impact on library research terms and cataloging subject heading.

      2. Use of libraries by nonstudent/faculty.
      General usage pattern seems to be open access to visitors but no borrowing privileges.
      At Bastyr University, visitors may use the library but it is suggested that they ask in advance to avoid negative impacts during busy times. Since some students receive federal aid, regulations require that the library have open access. This is an important consideration in establishing usage policies.
      North West Health allows visitors also to borrow materials without credit card information or deposit.
      Tai Sophia allows visitors to borrow with credit card information on file.

      3. Accreditation documentation.
      See Action Items below.

      4.Security of the collection.
      Security systems are relatively costly, starting at around $10,000. Furthermore, even with security systems some items will disappear from the collection. It is advisable to 1)have an accurate inventory of the holdings, 2) evaluate the losses over time and the estimated replacement cost, and 3)compare replacement cost to expenses for a security system. Other possibilities including shelving valuable items in a locked case, or having shelving behind the library assistance desk. An excellent idea was offered by Andi Houston: have amnesty days when outstanding materials may be returned without penalty. It was generally agreed that faculty are the worst offenders for keeping library materials past the due date.

      5. PCOM lecture DVD and CD.
      Material was presented regarding the release of a DVD and CD of lectures given at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine between 1989 and 2004. Information can be obtained from Naomi Broering at Nbroering@....

      6. Discussion of software.
      We briefly discussed software options for libraries which do not have automated circulation/cataloging systems. A document comparing various software packages is available at the LCAOM Yahoo group in the Files section. A newer development is use of share-ware such as KOHA, which has no licensing fees but requires in house experts to use and update the software. Share ware has no overall quality control and no tech support. Vendors can provide such support at some cost.

      7. Forming library committees.
      The issue of forming library committees was discussed and the following summarizes the results. At Tai Sophie an Information and scholarship committee works under the umbrella of the Faculty Senate. At AIAM, the librarian formed a committee by working with top administration personnel. The committee meets 3-4 times a year, using emails in the interim. Its primary focus is developing the collection. The following steps in forming a committee can be stated:
      a) establish the need for the committee and develop goals and a mission statement.
      b) get the involvement of all interested parties, perhaps beginning with a provost or administrator.
      c) work out meeting times and other details; use email extensively to keep momentum going.
      It is desirable to have student input in the committee, either through appointments from department heads or going to directly to a student council or other student body.

      8. Action Items.
      A) Work with Accreditation Committee on final draft of the evaluation document and develop means to present to the ACAOM. It is hoped this will be ready the April 2012 meeting.
      B )Communicate with the Distant Learning and Research Committees on maintaining library adequacy.
      C) Coordinate with the Herbal Committee on means to preserve knowledge of herbal remedies, establish ways to document vendor reliability and compliance with federal regulatons.
      There will probably a call for core group participation in pursuing these objectives.
      D)Completion of entry into CCAOM.NET and uploading documents, etc.

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