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RE: [ccaomlcaom] Draft minutes of LCAOM meeting Baltimore May 11

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  • Boni, Bethyn A. M.L.S.
    I was also in attendance via telephone. Please include my name in the minutes. Bethyn Boni bboni@nycc.edu Bethyn
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      I was also in attendance via telephone.  Please include my name in the minutes.


      Bethyn Boni   bboni@...


      Bethyn A. Boni, M.L.S., Library Director
      New York Chiropractic College
      2360 State Route 89
      Seneca Falls, New York 13148

      voice: (315) 568-3252 fax: (315) 568-3119


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      If errors, please notify and corrections will be made
      Draft meeting notes for the Library Committee
      Meeting date: may 11.
      Chair: Jim Emdy librarian@...
      By phone
      Joyce Whitfield jwhitefield@...
      lisa wood lisawood@...
      Pat King librarian@...
      Judi Kawacky library@...
      Aileen Huang Aileenhuang@...
      Jan Hartman jhartman@...
      Chris Sheldon csheldon@...
      Andi Houston andi.houston@... Academy of Five Elements
      Danielle Perez-Venero dperezvenero@...
      Naomi Boering nboering@...
      Mahate Osborn
      Judi Kawacky libary@... ICAOM
      In person
      Claudia O'Neill registrar@...
      Pat King library@...
      Vladimir O'Brigida director@...

      1. Thanks to the Council for telephone support. 12 participants called in to the meeting.
      2. Terminology. We discussed the various terms used to describe "oriental medicine". Different terms are used at different levels of interest. The term "oriental medicine" is appropriate as a part of organizational names such as CCAOM, NCCAOM, AACAOM,. Etc. The term would not be used as a subject heading for cataloging materials. PubMed MeSH uses "Medicine, East Asian Traditional" as its main heading, with references to "Medicine, Chinese Traditional" ," Medicine, Korean Traditional" etc. NLM subject headings index uses both the East Asian and Chinese designations. Library of Congress favors "Medicine, Chinese" etc with little use of the East Asian designation. "East Asian" and "Oriental" both appear in mission statements. Washington state designates a licensed practitioner in OM as "Legal East Asian practitioner". Thus terminology may differ in appropriateness depending on cont ext. The committee urges the Council to support the WHO ITCM project as a vital vehicle for inclusion of our medicine in the world at large.
      3. It was noted that Medline offers online direct help to electronic medical records. Medline contact can be linked to the individual medical record with information relative to the patient's needs.
      4. Further work on cooperative efforts among libraries was discussed. A core group of individuals will continue work on this project. A list of OM library URLs has been developed, allowing libraries to access records from a number of sources. A cataloging service offered by the Ohio Library Collective will be examined. The cooperative-consortium committee will consist of Jan Hartman, Mahate Osborn(who developed an excellent questionnaire on cooperative issues), Naomi Boering, Lisa Wood (a future member). The LCAOM chair will coordinate group efforts.
      5. The library committee currently is served by a Yahoo Group. This group has 50 members and will add 4-5 more as a result of the meeting. We will also move forward in moving to a Drupal application associated with CCAOM.NET. A working group consisting of Andi Houston, Mahate Osborn and the committee chair will be working on this.
      6. We had a brief discussion on accredidation issues for libraries. It was stressed that the library should be integrated into the institution's mission statement, that present and future planning is important and that emphasis on cooperative efforts in pursuit of current interest literature is important. Measures should be in place to evaluate successful outcomes in library services.
      7. We discussed libraries role in enhancing research literacy through integration of libraries in the teaching/healing functions at all levels. Incorporating literacy into the curriculum is an issue for every level within the institution. The library committee chair will work with the Research and Accredidation Committees in this area

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