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Minutes of CCAOM LCAOM meeting on November 3rd, 2010.

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  • jamesemdy
    Minutes of CCAOM LCAOM meeting on November 3rd, 2010. a Word document of these minutes will be posted today Attendees: Jim Emdy, Librarian, Five Branches
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2010
      Minutes of CCAOM LCAOM meeting on November 3rd, 2010.

      a Word document of these minutes will be posted today


      Jim Emdy, Librarian, Five Branches University

      Rachel Nowakowski, Admin. Dir. Daoist Traditionans rnowakowski@...

      Bruce T Pagel, Director Dragon Rises College, director@...

      Jean Hardest-Praley, Dean of Admissions ASAOM Tuscon, admissions@...

      Debbie Major, Academic Dean PIHMA, dmajor@...

      Vladimir O'Brigida, Director CSTCM, director@...

      Mahate Osborn, Librarian AIMC, mahateis@... (T)

      Howard Magor, Librarian National library of Traditional Medicine, hmagor@... (T)

      Dan Kanaley, Library Director New York Chiropractic College Finger Lakes NY, dkanaley@...(T)

      Frank Yunasek, Chair, Chief clinician NVHS Chicago, fyurasek@...

      Naomi Broering, Dean of Libraries PCOM nbroering@...(T)

      Kenny Ebersole, Academic Dean Dragon Rising College, academicdean@...

      Michael Prater, President ASAOM, president@...

      Special thanks to the Council for providing telephone support for this meeting.

      Attendees who are not part of the LCAOM Yahoo group are invited to join. It is easy and free:

      --establish a free yahoo email account

      --go to Yahoo, select groups, then LCAOM in the search window

      --click on "join this group" and follow screen prompts.

      --You will be notified soon when your application has been accepted.

      Consortium Committee:

      --Mahate Osborn replaces Teri Powers on the committee; Dan Kanaley continues.

      Resolved to create a document for the spring meeting specifying an outline for desired features and services of a possible cooperative consortium of OM libraries. Smaller libraries are in particular need for support in accessing fee-based databases and interlibrary loan material. Details of exact organizational structure and legal matters will be worked on later. We must move forward on this issue.

      Terminilogy Committee:

      No activity to report. Discussion of the WHO ICD project and the need for CAM organizations to have input. The committee urges the CCAOM to be involved in this effort in concert with other OM organizations.

      Two publications were cited as useful:

      WHO stand acupuncture point locations in the Western Pacific Region.

      WHO international standard terminology on Traditional Medicine in the Western Pacific Region

      A computer-oriented effort between a major Western university and Chinese sources on ontology of medical terms was mentioned.

      Library role in literature competency:

      Various activities provided by libraries to enhance literature competency were discussed. Efforts include providing adequate online research resources, teaching students/faculty in the use of the library and its resources and providing online orientation tools( e.g. Five Branches University PowerPoint guide to the library and research techniques). Libraries are involved with faculty and research departments in varying ways. In general, students seem more up to speed than faculty.

      One suggestion to enhance research capabilities is for more libraries to join full text DocLine service and become part of the Oriental Library unit ("cell"). This, in addition to the Yahoo user group, is a way to be more linked with libraries in our field.

      WiFi in libraries and clinics.

      Generally WiFi is widely available in OM libraries and clinics. The effect of WiFi on health has been researched, however a search on the topic in PubMed yielded only 34 articles. In a few peripheral cases students have left an OM school because of WiFi. A small number of people claim extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies and WiFi in particular. An informal Googl search on the topic resulted in a number of articles, about evenly divided between claiming no effect and anecdotally serious health consequences.

      Library Committee and Research Committee

      It was decided to pursue liaison between the Library and Research committee. It is suggested that the two committees are not scheduled for the same time and that there be representation on the library committee from a research committee member and vice versa.

      Site Visit

      A general discussion of site visits and problems libraries have had in the past. The current guidelines are easier to work with than earlier versions, but some questions always remain. Michael Prater reported from the Accredidation Committee will looking to the Commission to revise the standards for libraries based on general standards for what OM schools should look like and what they could provide. Criteria would be have customer-service orientation and be outcome-based.
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